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Home of Stow's First & Favorite Since 1965


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Buy a 12” Cheese Pizza and get 3 Toppings *FREE or get a 12” Specialty Pizza for ONLY $14.25


Buy a 16” Pizza and get a FREE 12“ Cheese Pizza or get a Gluten FREE Cheese Pizza


Buy a Spaghetti, Penne or Gluten FREE Rotini and get a FREE Small Salad with dinner and 2 FREE Large Salads with Family Size


Buy a Sub and get FREE Jojos, a FREE Cole Slaw, and a FREE 12oz Can of Soda


Get a 16” two Topping * Pizza, Ten Wings, and a FREE 2 Liter for ONLY $28.00


Get two 12” one Topping * Pizzas PLUS a FREE 2 Liter for ONLY $22.00


Buy a Box of Chicken and get a FREE Cole Slaw, Free Hot Rice and a FREE 2 Liter

*Extra Cheese Charged Extra

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Pizza of the Month


4 slices $ 10.95


8 slices $ 16.25


12 slices $ 22.95

Deep Dish

8 slices $ 22.95

GF 9”

4 slices $ 11.25

GF 12”

8 slices $ 16.95

New Orleans Style January

Spicy White Cheese Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Chorizo Sausage, Seasoned Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Sliced Red Onion, and topped with a Sour Cream / Tobasco Sauce
- A Spicy Treat. -

Potato Pizza February

Sour Cream, Shredded Potato, Pizza Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Bacon, and Sliced Red Onion.

Wheat Spinach Souffle’ March

Our Wheat Crust, Spinach with Four Cheeses, Pizza Sauce and Mushrooms - Judged 4th Place in Specialty/Gourmet Pizza at the Mid-America Restaurant Show.
(9”, 12”, and 16 “ ONLY).

Pesto Artichoke Pizza April

Pesto Sauce, Provolone and Fontinella Cheese, Kalamata Olives, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomato and topped with Romano Cheese.

Chicken Fajita Pizza May

Our Ranchero Sauce topped with Cheddar and Provolone Cheeses, Seasoned Chicken, Mexican Spiced Roasted Peppers, and Roasted Onions - Ole’ !

Baked Spaghetti June

Spaghetti tossed with Vodka Sauce and topped with Meat Sauce, Provolone and Fontinella Cheeses.
(Comes in 9”, 12”, 16”, and Deep Dish ONLY)

Pulled Pork Pizza July

Pulled Pork, Jalapeno Pepper, Pineapple, Red Onion, Cheddar and Provolone Cheeses.
- Pizza from Down Yonder ! -

BLT Pizza August

Pizza topped with Provolone Cheese, Chopped Bacon, Lettuce, Mayonnaise and Chopped Sweet August Tomato !

Cheese Burger Pizza September

Pizza Sauce, Mustard, Provolone and Cheddar Cheeses, Beef Topping, Chopped Onion and Dill Pickle.
- Pizza and Burger, two American Favorites Together ! -

Buffalo Chicken October

Pizza Sauce topped with Seasoned Chicken, tossed with our Buffalo Hot Sauce, Celery, Provolone Cheese and topped with Ranch Dressing - A Great Combo ! -

Samurai Pizza November

Our Sweet and Medium Hot Samurai Sauce topped with Cheddar and Provolone Cheeses, Seasoned Chicken, Pineapple and Sliced Red Onion.

Spicy Pesto Chicken December

Our “Kicked-UP” Pesto Sauce, Sliced Tomato, Seasoned Chicken, Provolone and Fontinella Cheeses and topped with Shredded Fresh Basil

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